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Metropolitan Dental Care Offers Digital Dentistry in Midtown Manhattan

Metropolitan Dental Care is a technologically advanced practice providing digital dentistry in Midtown Manhattan. Leveraging the power of dental software, high-tech scanning, putty-less impressions, and much more, digital dentistry makes dental care more efficient, successful, and comfortable. To learn more, call 212-867-4223 or send us a message.

What Is Digital Dentistry?

Digital dentistry refers to using technology to provide superior results and patient experiences. At Metropolitan Dental Care our highly skilled, compassionate, and results-driven dentists utilize the latest technologies, techniques, and treatments to provide outstanding patient outcomes.  As a digital dental practice, we’ve digitized virtually everything, except for the personalized attention you’ll receive from the moment you enter our practice.

Benefits of Advanced Digital Dental Technology

Technology has made dental care safer, more comfortable, and more successful for patients than ever. The benefits of being a digital practice, utilizing advanced equipment and software include:

  • Easy online appointment booking
  • Safer X-rays
  • Comfortable and clean Impressions (No messy putty)
  • Ability to view the inside of your own mouth on a digital monitor
  • Greater accuracy for diagnostic purposes
  • Enhanced precision for manufacturing dental restorations
  • Ability to preview your smile after completing treatment with Invisalign or Clear Aligners
  • Early identification of small problems before they become more complex

Advanced Technology and Digital Dentistry in Midtown Manhattan

Metropolitan Dental Care is equipped with all of the latest in digital and advanced technology to provide patients with successful outcomes and a premium experience. Some, but not all of the digital and technological tools we use in our modern practice include:

iTero Digital Scanner for 3D Images iTero Digital Scanners generate painless 3D images of the mouth.  The iTero seamlessly connects with specialized software to assist in cosmetic and restorative dental treatments such as Invisalign. The iTero also enables you to view a rendering of what your smile will look like once you’ve completed your alignment treatment.

TRIOS Intraoral Scanner for Digital Impressions The TRIOS Intraoral scanner replaces older methods of dental impressions, which use messy and uncomfortable putty. The TRIOS scanner produces fast, accurate, and painless impressions. Digital impressions are used to identify cavities, place dental implants, create oral appliances for TMJ, sleep apnea, and snoring, design dentures, and preventative monitoring.

Intraoral Cameras for Patient Education. At Metropolitan Dental Care, we believe that knowledge empowers our patients. To that end, we employ intraoral cameras which provide clear images on monitors adjacent to patient chairs, so that patients may view their mouths while our providers explain any problems or potential problems. Intraoral cameras are completely painless and render high-resolution images of the teeth and gums.

Why Choose Metropolitan Dental Care?

At Metropolitan Dental Care every consideration has been made to ensure that our team provides unmatched technology, patient attention, and outstanding results. Our modern, yet welcoming practice is equipped with all of the latest dental equipment, devices, software, and tools to ensure accuracy in diagnosis, and precision in treatments.

Our team has worked together for many years to provide new and existing clients with unmatched patient service, including easy online appointment booking, painless scanning and imaging, and integrative software to design successful treatment plans that improve the health, function, and appearance of your teeth and mouth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Dentistry

Are Digital X-rays Safe?
Yes. Digital X-rays expose patients to a fraction of the radiation of older, traditional, film X-rays.
Are Digital Impressions Accurate?
Yes. Digital impressions are more accurate than dated methods, including the use of putty for impressions.
Do Digital X-rays Hurt?
No. Some patients find the small sensors placed in their mouths to feel awkward, but they are not painful. Digital X-rays only take a few minutes to complete.
Do Digital Impressions Hurt?
Not at all. Using a handheld scanning device that is swept over the inside of the mouth, digital impressions are entirely painless.
What are the Benefits of Digital Intraoral Cameras?
Intraoral cameras allow patients to view the inside of their mouth clearly, for the first time in history. Rather than listening to the dentist tell you where you have a cavity, digital intraoral cameras allow you to see what the dentist sees, thereby getting a more comprehensive picture of your own oral health.
Does Digital Dentistry Cost More?
No. Metropolitan Dental Care has invested in digital technology to make your experience more comfortable, and your results outstanding, without making it cost-prohibitive.
Does Invisalign Use Digital Scanners?
Yes. Orthodontic treatment with either Clear Aligners or Invisalign will require digital scans of the mouth, to plan your treatment, and to provide to the high-quality labs we use for manufacturing your aligners.
How Does Digital Dentistry Help With Cosmetic and Restorative Treatments?
Digital dental technology has revolutionized cosmetic and restorative dental care. From extraordinarily accurate impressions to integration with dental software, the use of digital technology makes cosmetic and restorative treatments more precise, more comfortable, and more efficient.

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