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Deep Cleaning: Scaling and Root Planing

Gum disease is caused by a sticky film of bacteria called plaque. Plaque is always forming on your teeth, but if they aren’t cleaned well, the bacteria in plaque can cause your gums to become inflamed. When this happens, your gums will pull away from your teeth and form spaces called pockets. Plaque then gets trapped in these pockets and cannot be removed with regular brushing. If untreated, gum disease could lead to bone and tooth loss.

If gum disease is caught early and hasn’t damaged the structures below the gum line, a professional cleaning should do. If the pockets between your gums and teeth are too deep, however, scaling and root planing may be needed.

A scaling and root planing, sometimes referred to as a deep cleaning, is part of periodontal treatment. When you have gingivitis or gum disease, small pockets form around the teeth that are caused by bacteria. The bacterial infection continues to pull the gum tissue and bone away from the tooth, which could eventually lead to tooth loss. Periodontal treatment is essential in stopping the spread of the disease and preventing it from getting worse.

You will typically need a periodontal scaling and root planing if you have gingivitis or gum disease. During a routine examination, we can check your gums for signs of inflammation and to measure the depths of these gingival pockets. If the gingival pockets are deeper than is deemed healthy, we will recommend that you have a scaling and root planing as part of your periodontal treatment. The team at Metropolitan Dental Care is extremely adept at both the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease.