Digital Dentistry


Here at Metropolitan Dental Care, we use an iTero digital scanner. This scanner is one of the latest advances in digital dentistry that allows us to provide innovative digital dentistry which incorporates the use of computer-aided design and computer aided manufacturing technology to create a three dimensional digital image of your mouth. This three dimensional model can be used for designing various prostheses. This includes the fabrication of night guards, orthodontic retainers, onlays, crowns, bridges, implant crowns, and oral appliance therapies. Intraoral scanners have replaced the use of impression material. The intraoral scanner does not emit any radiation. The scan creates a replica of your dentition by taking hundreds of images a minute to create a model. The scan is then converted into the prosthesis either using a 3D printer or a mill. A mill will create the prosthesis out of a solid block of material. The scanner is approximately the size of an electronic toothbrush. However, there are select complex cases that still require traditional fabrication using impression material.

Digital dentistry also includes the use of digital radiographs and digital radiographic three dimensional scans known as a CBCT scan. CBCT stands for cone beam computed tomography. Depending on the purpose of this radiograph it may be a radiographic xray scan of the entire upper or lower arch of your dentition or a localized scan of the area of concern.

Lastly, digital dentistry includes the use of intraoral cameras. The pictures can be used to help communicate with the lab to relay esthetic requirements, evaluation of progression for whitening cases, and for use of patient education.

Many advances have been made in digital dentistry and here at Metropolitan Dental Care, we continue to stay at the forefront of innovation and dental research to ensure the best care is provided to our patients. For any questions, please contact us at 646-355-0933.

Dr. Leelah Jaberi, DDS

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