How to care for your Night Guard

How to care for your Night Guard

So you just got your first nightguard, how do you keep it clean? There are a couple of things to know about proper home care for a night guard.

Cleaning a nightguard is very easy. We recommend first rinsing it with cold water when you take it out. You can then use a soft toothbrush with some cold water to clean it daily. You can even use a gentle hand or dish soap and a soft toothbrush if you need a better clean occasionally. Avoid hot water as this can distort the fit of your guard. Do not use any denture cleanser, alcohol, or peroxide. Your local pharmacy may sell a cleanser specifically for retainers or nightguards, that is OK to use.

Once your night guard has slightly air-dried, store your night guard in the case it comes with. Make sure the case is dry. This case usually will have vent holes in it so that the nightguard can finish drying. This will also prevent your night guard from getting lost.

Once you start wearing your night guard, it is normal to see natural wear on the biting surfaces as well as some discoloration. If you notice your night guard has holes in it or has cracked over time let your dentist know so that you can be fitted for a new one.

Lastly, bring your night guard into your regular dental cleanings so that you can confirm the fit and also have it cleaned at the office!

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