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A child’s permanent adult teeth will erupt between six to seven years of age. Typically the first molars arrive first, behind the child’s primary teeth. Therefore it is especially important that as a parent you are helping the child brush their teeth in addition to monitoring. Following the first molars it is usually either the child’s bottom front central
incisors, followed by his/hers front central incisors on top.

Reduction and minimal consumption of candy and snacks that contain sugar is especially important. Sticky sugary substances can bind to the top of the teeth and adhere to the grooves found naturally on the top of our teeth. Overtime when sugar is left behind the bacteria that are found on our teeth will use the sugar as nutrition and start destruction of healthy tooth structure.

To prevent this break down of the top enamel layer of teeth it has been recommended to place sealants. Sealants are a protective layer on the top of the tooth that adheres to the deep grooves to prevent bacteria from sliding into tough to brush spots. Sealants got their name because they seal the little grooves on teeth and keep bacteria out and away from the grooves. Anesthetic is not necessary for this procedure. Research has proven that sealants reduce the occurrence of cavities on the occlusal (top) surface of primary and permanent molars in children and teenagers.

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