Men's Health

men's health

Medical conditions like cardiac issues and diabetes have been
shown to be linked with oral health. Along with raising awareness for
common medical concerns for men it is important to recognize the prevalence
of cavities, gum disease, and common oral health issues.

A recent study shows that men are half as likely as women to visit their
dentist for a dental check up or have scheduled appointments needed for
regular care. Skipping routine preventive hygiene can have negative effects
on your gingival and periodontal health. Routine hygiene appointments are
to be scheduled at least twice a year. When appointments are missed, more
calculus (tartar) grows around the gum line thus contributing to greater
gingival inflammation, loss of supporting bone, greater pocket depths and
mobility of teeth. Patients that lack regular dental care, smoke, and/or
are diabetic increase their risk for tooth loss. Cavities can grow when
undetected thus resulting in sensitivity and tooth pain. Cavities can grow
when we have poor home dental habits, irregular dental hygiene, and
unhealthy diets high in sugar.

Make an appointment today to resume your regular dental care with your
dentist! Cal Metropolitan Dental Care today!

Dr. Leelah Jaberi, DDS

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