Sugary Snacks...Beware! (Halloween Post)

Our mouths contain a variety of bacteria that are located on our teeth, gums, and tongue. The bacteria use the sugar found in the food we consume to multiply and grow. The bigger the bacteria grow the more acid they can form. Once the acid remains on the enamel for a prolonged period of time, the demineralization of the enamel will occur. Once demineralization occurs, cavities form in the tooth. An important tip is that sticky, gummy candies have a much slower oral clearance time than other sweet treats. These chewy, gummy candies can easily get stuck in the chewing surfaces of teeth, so keep these to a minimum!

To prevent harm from sugary snacks, remember to brush twice daily with a fluoridated toothpaste, drink fluoridated water (tap water in NYC), eat a diet rich in vegetables, fibers, and dairy products (that can strengthen teeth because they contain calcium and phosphates). If you have any toothaches, sensitivity to sweets, sensitivity to hot or cold foods or drinks or pain when eating be sure to make an appointment today with your dentist!

So this Halloween enjoy the treats, without the tricks, and remember your healthy dental habits to scare the boo away!

Dr. Leelah Jaberi, DDS

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