White Spots

White Spots

Have you noticed white spots on your teeth? Some white spots are more visible than others especially if they are on the front teeth and can be seen when smiling. Several things can cause white spots to appear on the teeth including some early stage cavities, enamel demineralization, and fluorosis that developed when the teeth were forming. We also see white spots on the teeth sometimes after orthodontic treatment. 

There are multiple ways to treat white spots on the teeth depending on their cause. For several types of white spots, ICON a non-invasive treatment option, can be used to correct spots on the smooth surfaces of the teeth. Your dentist will be able to tell you if you are candidate for this procedure. ICON is a resin infiltration, meaning it fills and blocks the outer "pores" of the teeth which makes the white spots less visible and changes the optical properties of the tooth making it more uniform. During the procedure, you will have several different gel like materials "scrubbed" over the surfaces of the teeth followed by the resin infiltration. This process is repeated until the white spots are slowly removed. ICON is a quick in office procedure that does not require any numbing or drilling and is completed in one visit!

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